Krave Restaurant & Wine Bar Announces New Owners

TEQUESTA, FLORIDA, AUGUST 24, 2017 - Krave Restaurant & Wine Bar has announced new ownership. Chef David Hoquet and his wife, Delphine, have taken the reins at Krave.

The Hoquets hail from Burgundy, France, where they owned The Moustier restaurant for 16 years. Over the years, they started to vacation in various places across America, and they fell in love with the east coast of Florida. The two decided it was time for a new endeavor, and when they discovered that Krave Restaurant & Wine Bar was looking for new owners, the couple jumped at the opportunity for a new challenge.

Chef David was formally trained for three years in a French culinary school. Chef David has won awards as a pastry chef and has worked with some of the most notable chefs and in awarded restaurants in France before starting his own restaurant. He has brought some of his signature dishes to the new menu at Krave Restaurant & Wine Bar. Many of the previous owner’s best recipes will be kept on the menu, and the infusion of French and American cuisine means that guests will have more to choose from than ever.

In addition to an outstanding menu, guests will be able to take advantage of wines from the U.S.A., France, and countries around the world. The “new” Krave Restaurant & Wine Bar offers an atmosphere perfect for fine dining and also for an appetizer plate and a glass of wine after work.

The Hoquets look forward to serving guests with the height of professionalism by providing an exceptional environment - the same caliber of atmosphere and service that has earned the restaurant awards in years prior.

Krave Restaurant & Wine Bar offers an array of American and French cuisine, as well as decadent wines from around the world.